Wednesday, January 25, 2006

welsh assembly none of the above



Well thats the question people will they let us, these public sevants shouldn't they do what we ask, or demand. In a true democracy the choice to tick a box 'none of the above' and have it registered ought to be a fundamental right.

I have contacted members of all the parties at the assembly and after two years I can honestly say not one party has shown the slightest interest in any of the issues outlined on the various banners I've taken there or todo with personal issues that I have e-mailed or written on, which may well just come to light on of these fine days.

How do we get this right, now thats the rub, how do we get them to take this right seriously so that those who nolonger believe them can register their dissatisfaction, and have it counted. In the last council election it was 55% that did not turn up to vote, the majority said get stuffed but they still go elected on a minority vote of 44% and so still picked up their fat salaries.

you ought to come down to the assembly on a tues or weds afternoon when they sit a plenary meetings and watch the goings on, its all very amusing, and the media, oh how they suck up to them, with their sound bite here and sound bite there, or a bit of organised demo that they know about ahead of time, that they can show on your prime time news, but its our fault for allowing them to continue really, we've noone but ourselves to blame.

Sometimes I wonder what a pity Guy Fawkes didn't succeed in blowing the crap out of parliament, maybe we'd have a much better system than parliamentary democracy, which is a sham,sham sham democracy when did your MP last ask you how they should vote on any issue, sometime never and yet they get elected on the premise that they are going to represent their constituents in parliament bullshit.

They do what the whips say or oops someones gonna lose their job. Maybe thats why none of them are helping you at the assembly crazydave.

wake up people posted 24/1/06 Oh local council elections coming up Dave and not a chance to tell them I don't wanna vote for none of you, because to be frank I've not seen one party at the welah assembly who've been in the wee bit interested in real issues, they are all in the same well feathered nest together. 6/4/06 and hence the malfeasance charge chief constable.

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